The goal of this web site is to inspire you to employ Curtis Bishop and/or his Top 40 Christian Show Band for all your special occasions such as: Concerts, Dance Parties, Festivals, Home Town Days, Church Events, Weddings, Family Celebrations, Anniversaries, Graduations, Political Rallies, Charity Events, etc. Anything that makes your heart sing! We want to be a very positive part of your most memorable life experiences. So much so that we become family friends. Amen!

Also, we pray you are so inspired by our Christian music (the “Good News,“ our albums of great Christian song writers, our performance, sound and lights, talents, and personalities) that your personal loving relationship with Jesus Christ becomes all God intends. Thus, you are inspired to be a positive life force for the good of all the Earth.

For promotional purposes and your spiritual inspiration we have several albums (in CD format) available for $10 each. These albums are called “God Songs” because all the songs are spiritual, all about God and your relationship with God, “The Way” of Christianity as proclaimed by Jesus Christ “the Word” and being the best you can spiritually be. Foremost we hope this music is a positive inspiration too you and all those whom surround you. All profits will be used to support Christian endeavors to spread the Gospel of Christ Jesus and to make the World a Better Place!